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Greeley Serious Injury Lawyer

Comprehensive Compensation For Victims Of
Severe Accidents In Weld County And Northern Colorado

If your family member was badly injured in an accident, you cannot count on the insurance companies to step up. In fact, the worse the injuries the harder insurance companies will press for a quick settlement or resist paying what the claim is worth.

It is always a good idea to contact an attorney if you have been injured by the negligence of another driver. If the injuries are serious or permanent, it is absolutely critical to hire an experienced personal injury attorney like Keith E. Abbott. You only have one opportunity to get the full and fair compensation your family deserves.

See "Why Do I Need An Attorney?"

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Since 1992, Keith Abbott has represented victims of personal injury accidents in Weld County and surrounding counties of the Front Range and Northern Colorado. As a solo attorney, he personally handles each case and gives clients his undivided attention. He is a skilled and compassionate lawyer who has helped clients recover damages for the most devastating injuries, including:

  • Traumatic brain injury (TBI) — Memory loss, cognitive deficits, impaired vision, physical impairments, personality change
  • Spinal cord injury — Quadriplegia, paraplegia or partial paralysis
  • Back and neck injuries — Fractured vertebrae, herniated disk
  • Amputation/loss of use — Loss of limb, severed fingers, loss of feeling or function
  • Burn injuries — Skin grafts, months of rehab and recovery, disfigurement
  • Broken bones — Broken hip, fractured pelvis, broken leg, fractured arm
  • Shoulder and knee injuries — Lost strength or range of motion
  • Facial injuries — Eye injury, broken jaw, dental damage, scars and disfigurement

Greeley, Fort Collins And Loveland Accident Attorney

Hiring a big, downtown Denver law firm does not guarantee justice. Mr. Abbott gets results because he is personally invested in his clients' cases. He tries to put himself in the shoes of the victim and the family members who are coping with the physical, financial and personal aftermath. What if the person can't go back to his or her job, or can't earn a living at all? Will the client need surgery, nursing care or other future medical services? Will the person need home or vehicle modifications to accommodate a disability? Does the person need counseling to deal with the psychological and emotional impact of permanent injuries?

Initial settlement offers are unlikely to cover the needs. Keith Abbott will fight the insurance companies on your behalf for comprehensive coverage for serious or catastrophic injuries.

For a free consultation with Greeley serious injury attorney Keith E. Abbott, call 970-573-7761 or 800-786-0262, or contact us online.

Client Testimonials

"Keith Abbott is knowledgeable, personable, friendly…makes it easy for clients to understand each step of the case."

"You're not just a number, but a valued client. He stays in touch."

"His staff is amazing as well. Polite, professional, friendly."

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