When You’ve Been in a Motorcycle Accident

Serious motorcycle wrecks can mean many months of medical care, hospital bills, pain, suffering, and having to take time off from work. A motorcycle accident lawyer should be prepared to take on your case and seek significant compensation for you. They should be on top of all local and state laws that pertain to motorcyclists, examine all the details of the accident, including the conditions at the time, and determine a reasonable value of your current and future losses. Look for an attorney that has represented many personal injury cases successfully, and been able to achieve excellent compensation for their injuries.

In most cases, you should hire a personal injury attorney for your Florida motorcycle accident, and this is why. The insurance adjusters have had training along with many years of experience, and their job is to make it seem as if the motorcycle rider is the one at fault for the accident, for contributing to or causing the accident. Their main objective is for the insurance company to pay you as little as they can get by with for any injuries and damages. The best means of protection is by having an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer who has experience dealing with motorcycle accidents, and isn’t afraid to go to court if necessary.

Rider Error Plays a Role in Motorcycle Accidents

Not maintaining control of a motorcycle is certainly dangerous. Losing control most often happens when the motorcycle rider follows another vehicle too closely, or the vehicle behind them is following too close. For best protection, always maintain a buffer behind and in front of your motorcycle so that all traffic is easily seen, and there is adequate room to stop quickly if necessary.

How much experience a rider has a big role. There are many inexperienced riders on the road and driving a bike well requires skill, experience, and constant vigilance of other drivers to operate them safely. A rider has to be much more aware of what’s going on around them than is needed when driving a car or truck. Inexperience is one of the main causes of a rider not being able to successfully navigate around obstacles in their way, including other vehicles, causing an accident or injury.

wrecked motorcycle

Motorcycle Accident Injuries

Helmets are crucial for protecting the head and brain in an accident. However, they cannot protect from all injuries. Motorcycle accidents are one of the main causes of traumatic brain injuries, which can alter a victim’s speech, their personality, cognitive function or thinking, and motor skills. It can take months or years of therapy to restore an accident victim’s speech, movement, and cognition before they are able to return to a somewhat normal life and go back to work.

The leading causes of death from a motorcycle accident are chest injuries, after brain and spinal cord injuries. Injuries to the chest can include rib and sternal fractures, hematomas to the chest wall, lung lacerations, an aorta rupture, and bruising of the chest wall and lungs. Statistics show that 30% of all motorcycle accident injuries are to the legs and feet, with 22% of injuries are to the head and neck region. Motorcyclists can help reduce the potential for an accident by wearing protective clothing including a helmet, heavy reflective clothing, heavy shoes, and drive defensively.

Responsibility and Liability

If there was another vehicle involved with your accident, chances are that the other driver contributed to or caused your crash. That’s because most collisions with motorcycles are the result of the carelessness or negligence of the other driver. Anyone who is partially responsible for causing a motorcycle accident can be held liable for the damage and injuries that resulted. That can include reimbursement for medical expenses, bills, lost income, and more.

It can become a nightmare to deal with insurance companies after a motorcycle accident. Instead of insurance companies trying to work with you to help, it can often seem like they are not on your side, but against you. Even if it’s obvious that the other driver was responsible for the collision, the insurance company could try to place the blame on you for the accident.

In order to protect your rights, it is critical to get contact information and insurance documentation for everyone involved in an accident. When it becomes available also get a copy of the police report. Even if you think you aren’t hurt you should go to a hospital or doctor to be checked out. Be sure to keep a copy of all medical records. Consult with a personal injury attorney so you can decide if you want to file a legal claim, and to determine how long you have before the statute of limitations runs out.

If you have been injured on a motorcycle in a Florida traffic accident, you could be entitled to compensation if someone else caused the crash by being negligent or careless. Consulting with a Florida motorcycle accident attorney is the best way to learn if your case has merit and if you should file a claim for damages. Don’t sign any documents or agree to a settlement with the insurance company before consulting your injury attorney. They can guide you to making the best choice that will protect your legal rights and not do anything that could potentially damage your case.